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Beautifully stable: Robinia wood

Whether climbing ropes or fences, front doors or windows, terraces or vines: Anyone looking for a lasting resilient Wood for horticulture, agriculture and outdoor facilities, can count on our Robinia products. And also for indoor use, we recommend Robinia, for example, for parquet floors or staircase. With their excellent durable properties, lasting stability and their special hardness, Robinia is an ecological alternative to tropical hardwoods.
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For Architects and Romping Children

In Bern-Brunnen, Daniel Libeskind grew a new district - eurobinia delivered the Robinia wood for the facade that connects the Westside complex calmly with the landscape. Our wood in the creative playground of various playground builders or in the forest high rope courses in Berlin can really let off steam. And also for two large solar field projects (Höselwang / Leipziger land), our material has proved its qualities already.
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The Robinia

An Immigrant from America

The summer-green leaf tree with the durable, golden-brown wood comes from North-Eastern America and has settled in Europe in the 17th century. Since its leaves resemble those of the acacia, Robinia is also described as False Acacia. It is also called Silver Rain because their white florescence looks like a bunch of grapes. The fact that its dried legumes remind of locusts brought up the name Black Locust in the USA.
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